Support groups

Need support ? Require some guidance? Questions to ask? Just need to chat or want a shoulder to cry on?

Autism Eastern Cape can put you in touch with other individuals – in your home language of English, Afrikaans or Xhosa – who either have an autistic family member or are autistic themselves. For more information, please contact the AEC office: 041 581 0650, or e-mail: for more information.



1. Autism Eastern Cape has a private support group on Facebook, where membership is by invitation only (to help maintain confidentiality). This is  open to anyone interested in giving support or who is in need of emotional support. It is aimed at parents who may not be able to attend meetings in Port Elizabeth, or who are based elswhere in the Eastern Cape.

Contact: AEC secretary Gillian McAinsh, 071-850 1662, or committee members Tine Joubert, 076-792 6776, or Danny Ah Hing, 082-449 1682,   for more information, or to join this group.

Web address:!/groups/1432092863741596/

2. An informal support group meets once a month in Mount Pleasant, Port Elizabeth. This group was started by Heidi Mitchley, a former committee mem e of AEC, who co-ordinates this to give support and encouragement to  parents who have autistic children.

Venue : Calvary Baptist Church, 3 Rhodes Street, Mount Pleasant, Port Elizabeth

Contact: Heidi Mitchley, 082 632 3963, (041) 368 8726

3. Another group meets once a month, or depending on the need, in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. This group was started by Ndileka Jacobs and Thuli Mtila, both former committee members of AEC, to give support and encouragement to families in this suburb.

Venue: Nangoza Jebe Hall (formerly Centenary Hall), Ntshekisa Road,  New Brighton, Port Elizabeth.

Contact: Thuli Mtila, 082-4424 738, or Ndileka Jacobs,  071-150 5021.


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